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Motivated IT Professionals with 10+ years experience available on demand. We are specialized in Java/J2EE development and UML structured analysis and requirement engineering.

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Engineers are familiar with agile project management methodologies and deliver expertise in iterative, incremental and evolutionary development methods focused on quality of technical solutions and long-term maintainability.


On-site availability possible in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Company office is located in Central Europe - in Kosice, Slovakia.


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Liferay Development

Case: Liferay-based information portal development.

Solution: Implementation of custom portlets, theme and Liferay extensions.

Tools: Java/J2EE, Liferay,

University Information System

Case: Realization of large scale academical information system.

Solution: Multilayer modular architecture design and development based on open source technologies with focus on high scalability and operation performance. We delivered complex solution based on UML structured analysis, complete project management including development process definition based on agile principles, architecture design, multi-layer/multi-module framework design and implementation delivery.

Tools: UML, Java, JSF, JSP, Javascript, Spring MVC, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL


Case: Social market place where you can discover and buy the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. In cooperation with Operation Apps, GmbH.

Solution: iPhone & iPad application as interface to Mongoo platform.

Tools: Objective-C, Xcode


Case: Industry data acquiring, processing and evaluation to achieve increased productivity, improved economy and higher quality processing.

Solution: Client/Server system providing refined data collection, real time complex computations and reporting in online/offline mode with CRM synchronization.

Tools: Objective-C, Xcode, C#, MS Dynamics 2015, MS SQL Server


Case: Industry data monitoring providing real time notifications, key data changes alerts.

Solution: Client (Web & Mobile)/Server system provides recording, measurement, limiting and alerting of industrial production data in online/offline mode with CRM synchronization.

Tools: ASP.NET, Angular, Objective-C, Xcode, C#, MS Dynamics 2015, MS SQL Server


Case: Innovative iPad conferencing application for interactive collaboration.

Solution: iPad application providing information, multimedia and collaboration tools.

Tools: Objective-C, Xcode

United Patients

Case: Patient-empowering healthcare data network that brings e-questionnaire, patients/doctors social network, drugs assessment.

Solution: Enterprise Client/Server system that supports patient/doctor cooperation, real time consultation and notifications.

Tools: Java, JSP, PostgreSQL, HighCharts, Tomcat

Management, Administration And Research Support System

Case: Implementation of intranet communication platform for scientists focused on highly effective development to cover flow requirements.

Solution: Rapid application development framework delivery based on JSF2, Spring and Hibernate. Delivery of final software implementation.

Tools: Java, JSP, JSF, Spring, Hibernate


Case: Platform that helps people to find the best treatment for their health issues and discover health advices.

Solution: Client (Web)/Server system providing ability to advice, rate and review submitted cures for best treatment.

Tools: Angular, Tomcat, Java, JavaScript, MongoDB

Formular Portal

Case: Implementation of new extensions of public formular portal.

Solution: Delivery of JSF expertise and J2EE software development.

Tools: Java, JSF, Weblogic, Oracle

Theses Management System

Case: Theses Management System implementation integrated with current university information system.

Solution: Running solution delivery based on own rapid application development framework.

Tools: Java, JSP, JSF, Spring, Hibernate


Case: Requirement engineering for large-scale enterprise information system.

Solution: Realization of the whole analytical and project management infrastructure with focus on high trackability of managed information and effectivity of the development process. Achieved excellent information searchability based on UML model used for Use Case modelling, Entity modelling.

Tools: UML2, Enterprise Architect, JIRA, Confluence

LTA Report

Case: Modular reporting engine supporting LTA project.

Solution: Runtime Pdf reporting engine integrated into Mobile application. Rich support for customization and wide scale of page, chart and table types.

Tools: Objective-C, Xcode

LTM Report

Case: Modular reporting engine supporting LTM project

Solution: Runtime Pdf reporting engine integrated into Mobile and Web application. Rich support for customization and wide scale of page, chart and table types.

Tools: Objective-C, JavaScript, HighCharts, Xcode

C#/ObjC Persistence API

Case: General API handling access to data

Solution: C# object wrapper Library over the NHibernate Framework, Light object wrapper Library over Core Data Framework.

Tools: Objective-C, C#

MDD Embedded System Model Migration

Case: Rational Rose Realtime Model Migration to Rational Software Architect Realtime 8, Build Environment Upgrade.

Solution: Implementation of model migration utilities, reimplementation of the build infrastructure, UML/MDD support.

Tools: UML-RT, Embedded C++, Java, EMF, XMI, Perl, Rational Software Architect Real Time

GSM Intelligent Network BI

Case: BI for GSM network operator.

Solution: CBI/DataWarehouse portal for raw GSM tickets storage, processing and analysis.

Tools: Pentaho PDI, Java, Tomcat, Greenplum DB 3.3, MySQL

We cooperate with IT-Together team more than 10 years. IT-Together team delivered outstanding enterprise J2EE solutions for our customers.

Ľuboš Modranský, Dupres Consulting s.r.o.

With IT-Together we developed portal solution based on Liferay 6.

Jozef Kutiš, Trilobit Systems s.r.o.

The IT-Together team is professional and knows how to execute IT projects successfully. I can highly recommend.

Yusuf Erkan, CEO & Founder MobileMan

With IT-Together Team we realized delivery of mobile solution for our UK customer. Everything goes smoothly. I appreciate perfect communication, reliability just like excellent quality of the delivery. They are real professionals.

Marian Skalsky, Hotovo s.r.o.

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